About the Artist

Richard Kennedy

Richard Kennedy first started professionally as an artist back in the early 1980s by sending his illustration cards to hotels and restaurants in West Dorset.

In 1984 he started a solo artist’s gallery in Bridport with only twelve signed prints of pen and ink ‘dots’ only drawings.

These original pen and ink drawings were very exhaustive to complete so only selling the prints was the way ahead. He did sell a couple of original railway drawings, though, which he now regrets.

Holding onto originals has been Rick’s policy ever since, be they pen and ink or pencil and scalpel blade drawings – until in recent years he turned to the hugely different abstract paintings.

Three of Rick’s original pen and ink drawings were ‘accepted’ by the Royal Academy back in 1991. These were Through Beaminster woods with Tess, St. Mary’s Church, Beaminster and Stoke Abbott spring.


In the 1990s Rick had a wonderfully positioned gallery for his still growing range of prints at Dunluce Castle in North Antrim and, subsequently, another gallery in Bridport, Dorset.

His first website was back in the mid-1990s with three online galleries.

Jethro Tull

Rick’s love of areas of rock music began in the late 1960s and he was always ‘the Jethro Tull man’ at school. His Tull drawings are absolutely illustrative of the band’s music and career.

Loch Ewe and the Royal Navy

Coming from a Royal Navy background he has always had a great interest in the Senior Service. In particular, those notorious Arctic Convoys to North Russia during World War Two.

Hence, his range of Royal Navy warship prints.

Parts of those drawings are enlarged and used on wartime explanatory panels around Loch Ewe, in the Western Highlands, today:

Loch Ewe Royal Navy panelsLoch Ewe Royal Navy panels

West Dorset

Rick lives near Beaminster in beautiful West Dorset up in the hills above this historic old town. He still makes frequent visits to Scotland and Ireland.

He is a member of Dorset Visual Arts, a registered charity which promotes collaborations between artists and art organisations throughout Dorset.

The new Abstract range of paintings

Yes, here these original pictures are for sale!

Something absolutely and entirely ‘different’ for Richard in recent years.

Background and interests

Richard is of Anglo-Irish background from Craigavad, North Down and, with his twin-brother and two sisters, was educated in England.
His artistic talent seems to have come from his Mother’s side in any case.

Rick studied at Bournmouth College of Art and then worked for the estate agents Knight, Frank and Rutley, in London, before starting out as a professional artist in Dorset.

Like his twin-brother he has been a keen sportsman. Golf and tennis are his favourite pastimes.

In particular, he supports the N.S.P.C.C. charity.

The Artist’s Technique

The artist's technique

Richard started to develop this very exacting ‘dots’ only technique – and working by naked eye only – in the early 1980s. Subsequently, the use of a scalpel blade to exact a further level of detail on top came into being up until the late -1980s. These were mostly the West Dorset scenes.

Through Beaminster woods with Tess took about nine months to complete …

The new range of Royal Navy prints of pencil and scalpel blade drawings began in the mid-1990s.

Generally, his original pictures are not sold – only signed prints.