Jethro Tull Lifebelt


Titled and signed print.

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Jethro Tull Lifebelt is a highly detailed drawing that took about eight months to complete.

The main characteristics show Mr. Anderson’s face bursting out of a lifebelt, while around and below him are a variety of ancient, carved stone Classic Tull album covers.
Tull Rock Classics, arranged as bricks in a wall. Some of the spaces between these album cover ‘bricks’ contain startling past Anderson stage poses while that legendary guitar hero, Martin Lancelot Barre, is included ancient carved stone, circa 1982, in one such space, as properly befits his inestimable contribution and Tull Status.
Other stone album titles rain down on Mr Anderson’s postures circa 1973 and 1971 (real Tull) in the foreground, while that wondrous flute upsets these bizarre and spectacular proceedings by burning through the bottom of the whole, phenomenal composition. There is even a delightful leaping salmon.

Why Jethro Tull Lifebelt? Well, didn’t discovery of Tull music save you from a sea of rock music mediocrity and endless modern musicals? Tull threw that Lifebelt to you!

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