Jethro Tull 21st Birthday


1968 – 1989

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Jethro Tull 21st Birthday 1968 – 1989

The main characteristics of this Jethro Tull 21st Birthday drawing show a large birthday fruit (flute) cake divided into two sections showing, on the one side, a Tull natural woodland full of creatures and, on the other, a Scottish salmon loch.
Smoking candle flutes, in place of normal candles, embellish the cake and all this is surmounted above the spiralling smoke, by Mr Anderson’s face circa 1971 (real Tull).
A 1989 Mr Anderson smiles pleasantly too, a runaway steam train hurtles into the picture (yes, Locomotive Breath) while old wheezing Aqualung leers at the whole proceedings from behind the cake.
The Anderson tartan, the cover of Aqualung and a burnt part of the Thick as a Brick front page provides the perfect base for this extraordinary and fascinating Tull picture.
From This Was to Rock Island album covers surround the magic cake…. and spot the legendary codpiece, broken signpost to Eden, knickers, Glen Shiel milepost, deer, leaping salmon, hopping mad scourge of churches, ballariena and… Kissed Willie!

Oh yes, Mr Barre, circa 1970, is again included as befits his legendary Tull Status.

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