HMS Jutland and HMS Agincourt


Indian Summer

Representative view of two Later Battle class destroyers.

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HMS Jutland and HMS Agincourt in the 1950s

HMS Jutland and HMS Agincourt, two Later Battle class destroyers, are illustrated in representative views of this superb looking warship class.
Agincourt (left) is shown with a black top funnel as Leader of the 4th Destroyer Squadron. Jutland, with pennant number D62, is pictured just before being placed in Reserve.
HMS Jutland  was named after the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of the First World War.
Read more about HMS Agincourt service history here and HMS Jutland service history here.

Technical Details

Conservation quality signed print of pencil and scalpel blade drawing.
Print size: 17.3 x 40.9 cm