Raised acrylic painting on canvas board.

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Willi is an original abstract painting which plays on the legacy of legendary German abstract artist Willi Baumeister.
Baumeister was a German abstract artist who was banned by the Third Reich. In 1937, his paintings were included in a Degenerate Art exhibition, and a ban on his art was instituted in 1941.
During this period, he became fascinated with pictographs and primitive mark-making techniques, an interest that surfaced in paintings such as “The Eidos Pictures” of the late 1930s and early 1940s, in which he used a language of visual codes and symbols.
Following World War II, Baumeister garnered greater professional success and exhibited his work extensively in Germany and abroad.

Technical Details

Acrylic colours on canvas board with sand, seeds and paste.
Measurements: 51 x 40.5 cm
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